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Stockbo Pre-Launch Party 15-08-2013


Sept 15, 2013

Despite being a rainy Thursday night, a number of our invited guests still made the trip to Venn Gallery, a modern bar/gallery in the heart of the City of Perth. This was the venue that we had chosen to hold our first Pre-Launch party. Throughout the evening, we were able to engage with our supporters and individuals within the Australian Photography community. It was an amazing experience and we were able to get some great feedback on our new web-based platform.


Carmen and Edeline navigating through our prototype interface.


There was a great sense of excitement throughout the attendees as we individually shared the vision of Stockbo. When we emphasised the scale of our plan, it was apparent to people within the photography industry, just how many chapters in their stock photography stories we could possibly rewrite.


Thanks for your Support!

Thanks for your Support!

Thanks for your Support!

Thanks for your Support guys!

Thanks for your support!

Special thanks to Carmen, Edeline, Penny, Steven and George for sticking around from the start to the finish!

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