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This page will provide you with all the information you will require about contributing to Stockbo. Please take a look at our Criteria before applying to contribute.


Also, please take the time to read through our Terms and Conditions, in particular Section 6 (Registered Users Responsibilities) and Section 7 (Payment for Stock


Content). Section 6.5 details the important legal facts you should know about your stock content on Stockbo.


We would like to emphasise that we are after natural looking images (natural backgrounds and concepts), for example images that do not look artificial but have


undergone a fair deal of post processing to distinguish the images from images lifted directly off a camera. We would like our images to exhibit an inspiring effect


providing a fair deal of emotion to the viewer where possible. Also we would prefer our images to be dominated by natural backgrounds rather than the studio styled single


colour, black and white backgrounds.




File Format

Stockbo accepts RGB JPG files only.


Image Size

Stockbo accepts files that are of the resolution 3168 x 2112 pixels or larger. Any file smaller than 3168 x 2112 pixels will be declined. It is highly recommended that


contributors upload the largest size files that they possess (5168 x 3445 pixels (~18.0 Megapixels) and larger preferred). Stockbo will automatically create all the different


smaller size files from the full resolution file that has been uploaded. We would like to remind contributors that we only accept images of the highest quality. Any images


that have been resized upwards from the native size will not be considered. :)


What We're Looking For


Before you submit your collection to, please have a look at our existing catalogue to see if there are any particular styles and genres of photographs that we


currently do not offer. As we would like to offer to our clients a wide range of styles of photographs, it would be very much appreciated if your photos are much more


unique and individualised compared to what the database already has. :)


To see some examples of what we are looking for, please follow this link to our Pinterest pinboard: Please note that these pins were selected


to show image style examples that we would prefer to see submitted to Stockbo. The pins have also been selected to comply with our copyright and trademark




Upon reviewing our Pinboards, you will notice that we are looking to showcase images that: are thoughtfully composed, are inspiring, invoke emotion and also images that


allow the viewer to see things in a different perspective.


You will find that the pinboard structure we have created in Pinterest is very similar to our category structure. Descriptions for the categories represented here are outlined




Images That We Will Accept


Images that have commercial appeal, emotional impact and inspirational impact. These three important factors are defined at the bottom of this page.


Images That We Will Not Accept


Images that are explicit, violent, x-rated, inhumane and illegal.


Images that have borders, frames, stamps or other artificial overlays.


Images that contain watermarks and copyright logos/trademarks.


Please review our Terms and Conditions for more information on the types of stock that we will and will not accept.


Category Descriptions 


Animals & Pets - This category is for all animals, mammals, reptiles, insects, fish, etc. 


Architecture - This category is for all structures or structural details. Ensure a Property Release is signed if necessary to prevent breaches of Copyright or Trademarks. 


Business - This category is for businessmen and women in the corporate world, teams of corporate personnel engaging, offices, financial sectors and other corporate related items.


Celebrations - This category is for all festive events, Christmas related items, Easter related items, Thanks-giving related items and Birthdays etc etc.


Children - This category is for all images focused on children, kids and infants.


Creative Arts - This category is for art objects, items used to make art, people performing the act of making art and people performing creative art.


Education - This category is for educational material, lecturers, universities, students, textbooks, teachers and other educational related content. 


Fashion & Glam- This category is for runway models, fashion accessories, studio fashion items, on location fashion items etc etc.


Food & Beverage - This category is for anything that can be consumed by humans. Items in this category are generally vivid and tempt the viewer.


Industry - This category is for items relating to common industries globally such as medical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, construction, mining, energy, agricultural etc etc.


Landscapes - This category is for any type of landscape photography including architectural landscapes and environmental landscapes.


Lifestyle - This category is for items relating to lifestyle activities such as flying kites, relaxing on beaches, resorts, travel items etc etc.


Miscellaneous - This category contains stunning items that don't have a home anywhere else.


Nature - This is category is for all plants, trees, sunsets, clouds, oceans, rocks and environmental conditions. Environment related items go here. 


Objects - This category is for isolated objects or products that are the focus of the image. 


People & Portrait - This category is for all portraiture including individual adults, couples and groups of people.


Science & Tech - This category is for science related items and technology related items such as telecoms, information technology, portable electronics etc etc.


Sports & Fitness - This category is for any sport on land, in the air, or in the water etc etc. 


Transportation - This category is for all forms of transport in the world. Cars, motorcycles, bicycles, trains, aircraft etc etc.



The Quality of our Stock


Here at Stockbo, we judge your images based on their suitability as stock. Stock images need to be useful to our clients. Before you decide to upload a photograph, think


about what it may be worth in the open market and how it can be used to convey a message. An image that is suitable as stock has a well-defined subject. The


photographer shows a great deal of care in the composition of the photo. The photograph must describe or show an object or concept clearly.




Stockbo images must be well lit and properly exposed. This will make them useful for all kinds of applications for our clients. Unfortunately overexposed images,


images with bad shadows, and poorly lit images overall will not be accepted.


Noise & Noise Reduction


Image's that contain excessive noise will also be rejected by Stockbo. Each camera has an optimal ISO range that should be used for different situations. Our


curators will be happy to assist you in determining what this range should be. Happy creating!


Other Image Quality Measurement Parameters


Chromatic Abberations, Blurriness, Focus, Framing, Lens Flare, Excessive Use of Filters, Pixelation/Compression, Sensor Spots, Softness, Cropping Etc Etc. 



Important Things to Consider Before Contributing to Stockbo


Commercial Appeal of Stock


To determine the 'Commercial Appeal' of your stock, put yourself in the shoes of our customers. Could you realistically say that the image that you are submitting to


Stockbo has advertising appeal? Do you see that the image will be useful for businesses? For their web content? To compliment a brand? These are the very same


questions that will be running through a stock reviewer's mind when they decide whether or not your image is suitable and marketable as stock.


Inspirational Effect of Stock


To determine the 'Inspirational Effect' of your stock, take a step back and take a moment to really analyse your images. Do you feel that there are messages


embedded within the images? Do certain messages shout out at you when you look at the image? Do they inspire you to venture outside and engage in the activity


or experience the beauty portayed in the image? These are the very same questions that will be running through a stock reviewer's mind when they decide whether


or not your image is suitable and inspirtaional enough as stock.

Emotional Effect of Stock


To determine the 'Emotional Effect' of your stock, take a step back and take a moment to really analyse your images. Do you feel that there are messages


embedded within the images? Do certain messages shout out at you when you look at the image? Do the images have an emotional effect attached to them that will


be felt in the hearts of the viewers? These are the very same questions that will be running through a stock reviewer's mind when they decide whether or not your


image is suitable and emotivel enough as stock.


Personal Portfolio


Before accepting you as a contributor, we will ask to see your personal portfolio. This can be your own personal website, or a photostream on a photo sharing


website. Please ensure you have a portfolio ready for us to review and keep in mind the three topics we have discussed directly above. :)


Release Forms


Images that contain the property of others (tangible and intangible) must have release forms signed from the owners of the property indicating their consent and


approval of their property being used in an image intended for commercial use. This can also include copyrighted or trademarked buildings, statues, monuments,


artwork etc.


Images that contain recognisable people must have release forms signed from the recognisable people indicating their consent and approval to being used in an


image intended for commercial use.



Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please click here if you are ready to apply. 

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